Springer Nature Establishes AI Authorship Guidelines: No Credit for ChatGPT in Research Papers?

Shaik Abdul Haseeb
2 min readJan 28, 2023
Springer Nature Establishes AI Authorship Guidelines: No Credit for ChatGPT in Research Papers?
  1. Springer Nature, the world’s largest academic publisher, has developed rules for using AI technologies like ChatGPT in scientific research.
  2. These tools, according to the publisher, cannot be attributed as authors on research articles published in its publications.
  3. The reason for this is that authorship entails accountability for the work, and AI tools cannot accept responsibility for their acts.
  4. According to Springer Nature, these AI tools should be regarded as research tools, with their contributions recognised in the methods part of publications.
  5. The publisher also highlights the need of transparency in the use of artificial intelligence in scientific research, and urges researchers to explicitly describe the methodology and limits of any AI tools used in their work.
  6. Springer Nature is taking this action in response to concerns about the possible misuse of AI technologies in scientific research, such as the production of bogus data or the manipulation of outcomes.
  7. Some scientists are also concerned that the increased use of AI in scientific research may result in a lack of openness and accountability in the scientific process.
  8. In recent years, the use of AI in research has grown quickly, and it is critical for the scientific community to create clear norms and ethical standards for its usage.
  9. Springer Nature’s rules on the use of AI in scientific research give a framework for assuring scientific transparency and accountability.
  10. These principles are an essential step toward addressing the possible dangers and downsides of artificial intelligence technologies in scientific research, and will assist to ensure that the research generated is of high quality and integrity.

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